Beijing Layover Tour


Visit Great wall, forbidden city, and more Beijing highlight while you are tansiting through Beijing.




Hiking From Jiankou to mutianyu Great wall Tour





If you want to hike the Wild Great Wall , with an area in disrepair which is being centuries old, Jiankou is your choice.


Jiankou is away from the crowds, the souvenir stalls, and in some spots with plants grown over. 



After a two-hour drive from Beijing city, you will arrive at the Jiankou trailhead near Xizhazi village, from there, you can start your ten kilometer trek to Mutianyu, which allowing you to make your way to a restored section of the wall as well. In here, your will enjoy being in an area of natural beauty, trees are surrounding you.

Beijing Knot

jiankou beijingknot


Nine eye tower

jiankou 9eyetower


Heaven Ladder

jiankou heavnladder


Jankou was built in the Ming Dynasty, like much of what remains of the Great Wall of China.  Rammed earth was replaced with bricks and what you see today is what was built in 1368.  No one has ever restored Jiankou, which adds to the adventure.  Some watchtowers were in extraordinary shape given you their age.

The hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu is about 10km and will take you 4~5 hours ( including stops for photos, cable car ride off the wall toward the shuttle bus lot ).  Combined with a 2+ hour drive in both directions and a lunch stop, that makes it a full day adventure.


Jiankou to Mutianyu Tour itinerary:

Pick up from your hotel/apartment, suggest on 7-7:30am;

Arrive at Xizhazi village in Huairou county;

The driver will show you the way to the jiankou great wall;

Walking from jiankou to mutianyu by yourself;

The driver will go to mutianyu car park and wait you there;

Meet and send you back to your hotel.

Tour price by number of people and car type:

Pax 1~4Pax 4~6
Car model: Audi A4/VW passat

Rate:RMB 900

Service time: 10 hours

Overtme charge: RMB 70 per hour

Car model: Buick GL8 7 seater

Rate:RMB 1100

Service time: 10 hours

Overtme charge: RMB 100 per hour



Kind Reminder
The rate is for the rental of car with driver.

The rate includes gas, toll fee, parking, driver’s salary, tips.

The max time is 10 hours.

The rate above DOES NOT include: Entrance tickets, cable car/tobagen fee, meals.

Car seat is available, rental fee is rmb 50/per seat



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Simatai great wall

The Simatai Great Wall is about 120 kilometers(75 miles) northeast of Beijing in Miyun county. This section is about 19 kilometers long ,and joins Jinshanling Great Wall in the west .

This section is dangerous and precipitous .Many parts of Walls here were built on sheer cliffs or on steep mountain slopes. It rises and falls sharply but has every essential structure—watch towers and parapets.

The Heavenly Ladder is a part of the wall built on a slope at an angle of 60-70 degrees, and some parts are 90 degrees. Some places are so narrow on the mountain ridges that only a thin wall could be built on the top of the very steep cliff with a barrier wall built on it known as “single side wall”.

The Heavenly Bridge is a path over a precipice , about 100 meters long and 3 or 4 feet wide , which crosses abysses about 500 meters deep. With nothing to hold on to , the slightest wind will make visitors tremble with fear, so visitors must climb with extreme care.

Hiking from Jingshanling Great to Simatai Great Wall (Day trip)

Entrance ticket at jinshangling wall is RMB 50 (Mar. 15 - Nov. 15); RMB 40 (Nov. 16- the next Mar.14) ; Cable car is available ,RMB 50 (round-trip) ; RMB 30 (one-way)
Entrance ticket at simatai wall is 40RMB . Cable car is available,RMB 50 (round-trip) ; RMB 30 (one-way)
Pick-up from your accommodation around 08:00 am (earlier/later ).
About 2-2.5 hours drive to Jinshanling section (depending on traffic).
Please note: We use the new highway (toll costs included in price), not the congested roads. This will save about 1 hour each way.
Visiting Jinshanlig section, hiking to Simatai Section .It will take more than 4 hours .pick up at Simatai section Drive back to Beijing.Drop-off at your accommodation around 18:00 h.